Thursday, October 6, 2011

Incoco nail polish appliqué and me is a dum dum..


okay so I've been putting off trying these for a little while because I was kinda nervous about trying them I was afraid they were to hard for a art challenged person like me..... AND I WAS RIGHT! I SCREWED EM UP! no not really well kinda yes, so let me explain I read the instructions three times, three but I guess I wasn't really because I missed a huge step it says to pull off a plastic film from the TOP ( key word) of the strips I just assumed I only had to peel the back strip so I did and of course it wouldn't stick, it wasn't till my friend Erick came to my rescue and REALLY read the instructions and said there's something you need to peel off the top and at first I proceeded to argue with him stating NO there was only one thing to peel and that was the white tab on the bottom, my patient friend showed me and then all was well, but I had waited too long because of my moment of stupidity they didn't stick as well as they should so I eventually got the hang of it and was able to do a few properly but not all and a lot didn't come so good but from my experience I do like these and if your not a dummy like me they are very easy to use and indeed very fast so I do like them and would definitely purchase more. ( I feel like a stubborn idiot but I wanted to share just in case to save anyone else from this)